Lisa Mozo

Owner and Master Instructor

Larisa Wigand



Lisa Mozo, owner, and master instructor, is one of only three people certified in North America to teach this original Lotte Berk method. Lisa has made numerous trips across the Pond to train one-on-one with Lotte Berk’s only daughter, Esther Fairfax, who has dedicated the last 54 years of her lift to keeping this brilliant technique alive.

Lisa began dancing at the age of 12 at a well-respected dance academy in Montreal, Quebec. She continued dancing through high school, earning a scholarship to the prestigious Les Grands Ballets Canadiens. At 16, she became the youngest cast member asked to join the Jazz Dance Center’s professional dance company and performed on stage at various venues in and around the country.

Lisa auditioned and was accepted into Canada’s only university dance program, York University, where she studied choreography, dance anatomy, and kinesiology, as well as teacher training.

Lisa has taught beginner and intermediate group ballet, jazz, and lyrical movement classes. She has also studied Stott Pilates and taught Pilates as a student-teacher while in College, more recently she was handpicked to join the prestigious Romana’s Pilates instructor/trainer program in New York City. As an apprentice, Lisa spent over one-hundred hours observing and teaching this classical method.

Lisa tried almost every dance-inspired fitness trend before discovering barre fitness. While there are many things she loves about what she refers to as “American barre,” she ultimately found that there was something missing; she yearned for a technique that would reconnect her with the exhilaration and freedom she once felt as a dancer. This quest led Lisa to Hungerford, England, where she was accepted into the elite instructor-training program led by Lotte Berk’s only daughter, Esther Fairfax.

Lucie Dedicova

PortDeBras™ Elite Trainer, Pilates instructor, and dance lover is a highly trained and experienced movement specialist.

The PortDeBras™ method remains her favorite modality because “it trains the body as a whole, starting from the inside out,” eliminating dysfunctional movement patterns, sculpting muscles without overworking, and its foundation of flow-based sequencing reshapes and creates healthy fascia which expands the range of motion, increases flexibility and provides some serious anti-aging benefits! Lucie’s motto: “Good things take time and rushing the process won’t get you there faster… be patient and you will see the miracles your body has to offer.