“Exercise can be so boring” – Lotte Berk


Lotte Berk is the German-born dancer who single-handedly kick-started the barre fitness industry in her West End basement studio in 1959. A genius ahead of her time, her exercises were elegant and effective and instantly earned a cult-like following. Her natural and naughty personality, with her straight talk and no-nonsense attitude, won her many admirers. Berk was responsible for introducing the pelvic-tilt exercise and insisted on referring to it as “the lovemaking position.” If a student had problems with this move, Lotte would ask with an inquisitive twinkle in her eye “How is your sex life?”

Lotte Lives On …

Lotte’s only daughter, Esther Fairfax, has honed and perfected the technique over the last 54 years remaining true to her mother’s philosophy and keeping it as beautiful as it was originally intended. If it weren’t for Esther, the true Lotte would be lost. It is Fairfax’s skilled adaptation that has been passed on to London Barre. The results prove how amazing this technique is.